Would you give me a ride?

Just imagine yourself waiting at the bus stop.

Looking at cars, they are going the same way you are.

Is there any free seat inside?

Let’s count how many places are passing during the time you are waiting for a crowded bus or tram.

Imagine that one of the riders recognises you and stops to pick you up.

S.He takes you up to the next crossroad where your routes bifurcate.

And from there you do the same or take some other way to move on.

Would it be nice to do it like this?


Choose your style: scarf, cap, hat, glove, armband, beret, backpack, jacket.

Choose your way, place and time to get a ride.

Let it be.

Be the one who rides with the same distinctive sign on your windshield, and proposes a ride to a person waiting at bus stop, somewhere on the road.